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Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics is devoted to achieving a deeper understanding of the structure and dynamics of condensed matter.

Physics Department

About 1,800 students are enrolled at the department of physics at Goethe University. The department offers two accredited Bachelor and Master courses in physics and biophysics.

Goethe University

Goethe University was founded in 1914 as a unique “citizens' university," financed by wealthy citizens in Frankfurt, Germany. Named in 1932 after one of the city's most famous natives, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, today the university has over 48,000 students.

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology

The Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology is an international, peer-reviewed, Open Access journal. It provides a unique platform for rapid publication without any charges (free for author and reader) – Platinum Open Access.