Thin Films & Nanostructures

Group Seminar, _0.403, 1.30 pm

Summer Term 2024

Date Title Speaker
10.05.24 Determination of precursor sticking coefficients / Transport measurements on donor-based precursor deposits Alexander Kuprava / Behnaz Shamsizadeh
17.05.24 Microstructural and transport properties of EuPd7 thin films Sebastian Kölsch
24.05.24 SAW-magnon excitations in FEBID nanostructures Alfons Schuck
31.05.24 Mixed-precursor deposits based on W Patrick Deubel
07.06.24 Processing and properties of SAW delay lines and resonator structures Dennis Henn
14.06.24 tech talk
21.06.24 Mixed-precursor deposits based on tungsten Patrick Deubel
28.06.24 Asymmetric electronic transport properties in NbC FIBID structures Fabrizio Porrati
05.07.24 Reduced halo effect in FEBID-contacted nanowires Elnaz Oman
12.07.24 Characteristics of FEBID precursors for superconducting nanostructures Nicolas Jochmann
19.07.24 Tuning the electrical properties of Pd nanostructures for superconducting field effect devices Alba Salvador-Porroche