Thin Films & Nanostructures

3D Nano-Magnetism

Tetrapod micromagnetics

3D Nano-Magnetism - Why?

At present, the exploration of 3D magnetic architectures is a rapidly developing research field with exciting novel physical phenomena stemming from the increased complexity in spin textures, frustration and magnetization dynamics emerging because of geometry-, curvature-, and topology-induced effects.

Tetrapod strayfield

How To Measure ...

To get information about the spatial magnetization distribution is no simple task. A very efficient way which is ideally suited when combined with FEBID is magnetic stray field measurements using a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) as Hall sensor. In conjunction with micromagnetic simulations this allows to gain a deeper insight into the magnetization distribution as a function of the applied magnetic field. For the stray field measurements we closely collaborate with the group of Jens Müller.